Selection of Tech skills

Some of our selected technical skills include: 

  • Artificial intelligence in finance: We have developed a range of AI-powered solutions for the financial sector, including tools for risk assessment and semantic search engines.
  • Computer vision in quality control: We have used computer vision technology to develop solutions for quality control in a variety of industries, including manufacturing.
  • Expert systems in construction: We have designed expert systems for the construction industry to help streamline the offering process and improve efficiency.
  • Cybersecurity: We have a team of cybersecurity experts who are skilled in protecting businesses and organizations from online threats.
  • Sense and avoidance to control drones: We have developed sense and avoidance systems to help drones navigate complex environments and avoid obstacles, making them safer and more efficient for a range of applications.
  • Digital twins in medical simulations: We have used digital twin technology to develop medical simulations that can help train medical professionals and improve patient care.