a selection of cutting edge Projects 

  • Sense and avoidance for Autonomous drones
  • Financial Semantic search engine
  • Computed Airways Simulation System
  • Tender Assistant

Sense and avoidance for Autonomous drones 

One of the key challenges in the operation of drones is ensuring that they can safely navigate their environment and avoid obstacles.

To address this challenge, a full ecosystem for sense and avoidance in drones has been developed. The system provides a digital twin approach and integrates with multiple autopilot systems on the market. It also includes a ground control station with 3D imaging and an on-board sense and avoidance processing unit.

Financial Semantic search engine

Development of a financial search engine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to assemble and filter financial information. Its semantic knowledge base is based on a variety of data sources, including enterprise data, industry data, financial data, keywords, and wikidata. 

One of the key features is its ability to allow traders to lead their own research and find relevant, easy-to-understand information quickly. The search engine has a number of parameters that allow users to understand the value of a particular company or investment, including fair price, potential, past history, solvency, and earnings. 

Computer Airway Simulation system

We participate to the development of CASS (Computer Airway Simulation System) of Medvirt Sagl, Lugano. CASS is a virtual reality bronchoscopy simulator designed to help physicians improve their expertise in navigating the human airway and increase their knowledge of airway anatomy. CASS is an ultra-compact, high-reality, tablet-based simulator that offers users realistic virtual exercise opportunities to help them improve their bronchoscopic skills.  https://www.cassimulator.ch

Tender assistant

Tendering in the construction process is very important and significantly influences the success or failure of a project. Tenderers still have to navigate through a large amount of data, which can overwhelm occasional tenderers and leave them unsure about the completeness and accuracy of the tender. Expert systems can help tenderers by using stored rules and facts and providing preconceived application patterns.


With DevisAI, questions can be asked to the knowledge base in order to track down systems or elements that have been stored in the knowledge base. The application provides a selection of systems or elements that allow for an exact description in a specification of services based on the framework conditions or questions asked.